Essay on environment and types of environment in english

few lines on environment types

Essay on Types of environment

  • Introduction

The environment is a surrounding of nature where every life grows, and get destroyed at the end of life tenure. Further, we will elaborate into the whole essay on different types of environment.

  • Brief Overview

The word environment does not need any specific explanation to anyone. It’s a word that we have been hearing from our childhood days. The most common definition of environment is – it is everything that surrounds us. It can be biotic (the living components) or abiotic (non-living components). It is basically a mixture of chemical, physical and other natural forces. In fact, the word environment is relative. In different contexts, it takes different meanings. For instance, for a soldier fighting a war, his environment will be different from that of a newborn baby sleeping peacefully in the mother’s lap.

few lines on environment types

  •  Role of environment

The environment is the backbone of any system present in the world. All the entities surrounding us whether living or non-living need the support of the environment to showcase itself to us. Since the time of the creation of the solar system from the ashes of BIG BANG till now the 21st century, the environment has been contributing for the sustainable development of the life systems present in our ecosystem. All the living beings depend for their oxygen needs on the trees and these trees depend on the CO2 gas from us. From the smallest of the microorganisms to the biggest creatures like the elephants to lions, everything is connected with everyone. Also, we humans depend on the trees for the major portion of our food. In hilly and urban areas people also use the wood as a form of fossil fuel to prepare food and do other household activities. In short, we are zero without the environment.

  • Different types of environment

Environment is a complex entity. Throughout different times of our history, scientists have tried to classify the environment into various forms based on their individual researches. There are many different forms of an environment which have been studied. However, today in this article we will focus on only those types of environment which are commonly heard of and can be related quite easily by the common people.

This section will discuss the forms of the environment as described by scholars and researchers. Below is a detailed discussion-

  • According to MacIver and Page the environment is basically classified into two forms — outer environment and inner environment.

 Internal environment is the connection between the inner human body along with the larger planetary ecology. In other words, the inner environment has a direct influence on us with all the decision-making powers.

On the other hand, outer environment is the factors and decisions that surround us. These factors don’t directly influence our current state but they have a part in limiting the events and choices that we can make. The outer environment is also called the operating environment.

  • P. Gisbert has divided the environment into four different categories— natural, artificial, social and psychological.

 Natural Environment is the part of the environment which has been in existence since times immemorial without any human intervention.

Artificial environment is the environment which is created by mankind. It is present along with the natural environment to make the ecosystem diverse in nature.

Social environment refers to the social settings in which the humans are immediately affected. It includes the culture in which an individual is brought up or the family and relationship that a person interacts with.

Psychological environment focuses on the interplay between an individual person and his surroundings. It is a broad term that encompasses the natural environment, the society, artificial settings, etc surrounding an individual and his behavioral changes and responses to those changes.

  • According to Kimbal Young, the environment is divided into only two broad categories— geographic environment and socio-cultural environment.

 The geographic environment is the terrestrial investigates environmental pressures and gives special emphasis on localization aspects over a certain period of time.

The socio-cultural environment is a mixed part of the social and cultural aspects of an individual. It focuses on the set of beliefs, customs, practices, and behaviors that exists within a population.

 However, these are not the only categories of environment found amongst us. There are a large number of characterizations given by various people. The reason that I have mentioned only the above divisions of the environment is that these divisions are the most talked about. Also, these divisions are the most common as they have found a reference in almost every sphere of our life- from school textbooks to competitive exams to research papers.

In the above part, we have discussed a few lines about different types of environment and the next part we will deep down into challenges faced by our environment.

  • Challenges to our environment

While discussing the types of environment present amongst us it will be useless if we skip the challenges faced by our environment in the present scenario. The most dangerous criminal doing injustice to the environment is human beings themselves. We have been relentlessly trying to destroy the environment in the cruelest ways. Every day or the other we see reports of human encroachments on the habitats of the animals resulting in the man-animal conflict. The worst-case scenario is visible in the Deepor Beel Sanctuary of Assam as well as the Kaziranga National Park which has been inundated by the illegal immigrants of Bangladesh hampering the ecosystem there. Another bigger cause of challenge to the environment is technology. It is now universally accepted that technology has caused more harm than good to our environment. With the advent of modernisation, people have been using high-end machines that clear away the forest and agricultural lands to make high rise buildings. Ultimately all these factors have been causing the phenomena of global warming making the lifespan of earth decrease year after year. The recent floods in Assam resulting from the dams in upstream to the flash floods in Mumbai are all a result of the human aggression on our environment.

essay on different types of environment

The world is not only for humans. We cannot live alone without the environment or animals. The reason is simple- we are bonded with a complex relationship with each other. Its must for each of us to live cordially and with harmony to strive in the world. So, its high time we step up our plans to conserve the gift of environment for building a better future for us and the generations to follow.

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