Essay on Importance of sports for kids and students

importance of sports

essay on importance of sports


A sport can be defined as all forms of athletic activity which, through casual or organised participation aims to improve or maintain physical fitness and abilities. Sport is different from leisure activities. Sports activities follow certain criteria such as it should have an element of competition, it should be in no way harmful to an individual and use equipment which is only provided by a single supplier. Sports can also be classified into different categories like physical sports, mind-based sports (such as chess or Sudoku), esports (such as video games), and indoor sports (such as billiard sports) or motorized (such as Formula 1 or powerboating). Although mind sports has not been universally accepted within the definition of sports.


The term sportsmanship can be conceptualized as the attitude of maintaining a fair play or displaying no sign of ill feelings towards the opponents. There are various ways in which sportsmanship is expressed in sports. Some examples of how sportsmanship can be manifested include shaking hands with the opponents, help an opponent who may have fallen over, cheer, and encourage others and most importantly, to be respectful towards teammates and judges.

Importance of sports for kids

There are many benefits of sports and exercises for kids. Taking part in sports improves metabolism, builds healthy bones and muscles, boosts self-confidence and lowers the chances of suffering from sickness and obesity. It helps a child to make friends and develop good communication skills. It also gets them outdoor. Nowadays, kids prefer to stay indoors and watch television or play video games. Sports allow kids to explore the real world and breathe fresh air. Sports build personality and self-confidence: It plays a great role in the personality development of a child.  It develops their physical strength, stamina, leadership, and flexibility. Exercising and playing games releases body chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins are responsible for a positive mindset.

Importance of sports for youths

Playing sports benefits the heart. It improves the cardiovascular muscles of the heart as, during the exercise, the heart has to pump more blood and thus, it boots its functioning ability. Playing sports also prevents diabetes. Especially, if you have type 2 diabetes then physical exercise is a must. People with type two diabetes have less insulin in their bodies which is responsible for maintaining the level of glucose in the blood. Exercise reduces the level of glucose in the blood and thus, helps to keep the heart-healthy. Also exercising lowers hypertension or high blood pressure, controls weight, increases the level of good cholesterol and improves sleep. Adults are more affected by stress and depression; studies have shown that physical activity reduces stress and anxiety. Moreover, it helps to fight depression. Sports also reduce the risk of cancer. Sports also benefits people who suffer from psychological disorders. All these benefits can be achieved by half an hour of exercise per day.  

Importance of sports in life

Sports play a very important role in our life.  It can serve as an excellent leisure activity or physical exercise, sports help build talents and hobbies which are beneficial both for our career and personal growth, through people can establish their career in sports. Sports can also improve one’s social skills and improve one’s ability to deal with failures. Individual sports mainly help to maintain fitness, group sports, on the other hand, provide an excellent way to develop important life skills of team-work, competition, and cooperation. Indulging in sports not only improves our health but also improves brain functions. It helps us develop a positive attitude towards life. It refreshes the mind and one’s performance level in other areas automatically increases.

importance of sports and games

Impact of School Sports on Mental Health of Teens

Teen sports can have a major impact on the quality of their life. According to a Canadian study published in the Journey of Adolescent Health, students who play sports in grades eight to twelve, have less stress and perform better in academics and have better mental health as adults.  Another study found that playing sports during the adolescent period significantly lowers symptoms of depression. Physical inactivity is linked with the development of psychological disorders.

 Playing sports help in boosting mental health.  It helps in regulating the levels of serotonin which is responsible for good mental health. It also releases the body’s natural “happy chemicals” called endorphins. It gets them outside so they can experience the freshness of nature. Youths who are sporty develop a positive outlook on their bodies. Therefore, sport boosts self-esteem. When teens endeavor themselves in sports, they sleep better at night. Researchers say that sports and physical exercises have direct effects on depression. It increases the levels of neurotransmitters that may sometimes be depleted as a result of depression. Sports also improve cognitive function and increases critical thinking. Sports also prevent substance use disorders. Physical activity helps fight addictions. Research shows that sports can help people get off drugs and alcohol.

Career in Sports

Sports as a career offer a plethora of options for people. Other than being an active sportsman, there are other career options related to sports such as in the fields of sports management, sports journalism, sports photographer, umpire/referee, sports medicine, adventure sports, fitness and health career and many more. 

One has to be physically and mentally fit, energetic and dedicated to succeed in the career of sports. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has been constituted at the national level to encourage the sports aspirants. The eligibility criteria include a 10+2 pass. Government offers several scholarships and training to the sportspersons. Once a person decides to take up a career in sports, a training regimen under the expert guidance of a coach, coupled with a wholesome and diet program needs to be followed.  Job opportunities in this area have increased manifold. This is a rewarding and satisfying job for people who love staying outdoors and interacting with new people. Those who are well endowed in speaking skills can build their career in sports journalism. One can also start his coaching centre after completing the required pieces of training and coaching can be an excellent method for youngsters to practice or train themselves for bigger games. Like every other career, sports also have certain advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be ignored that name and fame are the important outcomes of a career in sports, but one cannot guarantee security or longevity in this field.

Role of Sports in Modern World

In the modern era, there is a trend of following a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a good physique and participating in sports. This is one of the important roles of sports in society in any country. Professional sports persons through rigorous training and strict diet achieve extraordinary sporting results. Records in professional sport, winning the official national, international and other sporting events, creates a moral motivation to the development of mass sports. Apart from this, sport is a continuous social experiment, in which they accumulate and improve human capital and contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation. Sports and games are educational, developmental, communicative functions which integrate and coordinate individuals and social institutions and helps the nation to develop. Sports are particularly important for a young generation due to a significant decline in physical health among children and youth, greater chances of getting diseases threaten the economic, intellectual and social stability of our society in very near future. 

Sport has a large impact on key areas of social life. It not only affects the individual’s life but affects national relations, business life, social status, ethical values and people’s lifestyle. Indeed, the phenomenon of sport has a powerful socialization force. From quite a long time, politicians have been using sports as a tool to attract the mass and unite the community with a common desire to win. Sports culture focuses on the improvement of physical abilities, optimization of the physical state and health, helps to prevent and reduce a large number of diseases.

Sports also have a significant impact on the moral and spiritual part of people. It impacts one’s attitude, emotions, moral principles, aesthetic tastes, developing international communications and improves the quality of relationships of people. Therefore, sports in this regard are an integral component of bringing peace and harmony in the world. 

Besides sport is a mirror which, following its objectives and the activity reflects the basic values of society, without exerting an active influence on them. The problems of modern sport are sexual, ethnic and racial discrimination, crime and deception, control of violence, drug use, gambling, alcoholism, environmental protection social, political and international relations, etc. Also, sport acts as an integral part of the dialectics of international relations, it can be used as an operant to strengthen the political power of a nation as well as improvise international.


Modern sport is multi-functional but most importantly it is considered to be a national pastime. Sports has primary importance in our Life. It is related to all perspectives of life. The lessons learned by participating in sport transcend the playing field and contribute to shaping the character and culture of an individual. Parents tend to believe that playing sports will teach their children values of life; they expect their children to develop the spirit of competitiveness and winning through sports. Games and sports are very important for our overall personality development. Moreover, it gives us an unbreakable inner strength to deal with problems in life.  Games and sports are a good way to bring a sense of brotherhood among people and reduce social disparity. It is useful in every possible way and hence, everyone should indulge themselves in different kinds of sports.

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